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Business Counsel Support

Practical and effective Business Counsel support giving you time back to focus on the day-to-day…

When advising businesses about Employment Law and HR issues, we often come across more general commercial or corporate matters that may need addressing though many SMEs may not have the resources, time or expertise to do this and certainly don’t need a full-time in-house lawyer. 

Our Business Counsel advice and support service can help. Drawing on our very experienced in-house lawyer resource, we will seek to work alongside your full-time management team, becoming integrated into that team but on a part time, flexible basis to ensure you get good value and a return on your investment. Just as all businesses are different, the way we structure that will be tailored to your specific needs. So, whether you’re  needing help with:-


·         business development;

·         a new acquisition;

·         your corporate structure;

·         your IP or trading agreements; or

·         steering through the choppy waters of a dispute;  


by becoming part of your wider team, we can help.


We will always keep one eye on staying pragmatic and commercial in the help we give so your business objectives are served by what we do. The true value of having our Business Counsel Support service to bolster your business’ management by working with you to grow your business and improve profitability is perhaps impossible to fully quantify.


We can help your business deal with commercial matters decisively and cost effectively, saving management time and reducing risk, in turn helping you grow and increase profits.

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