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We take ownership with our 'hands-on' HR Support

HR Support - Saving you time

& keeping you compliant

To complement our unlimited, fixed period employment law advice,

we also provide a fixed fee ‘hands-on’ HR support to businesses who have a need for specific project work. Our team of nationwide HR professionals will add to your existing HR team or take the lead in a smaller business where there is no dedicated HR role.

What we do


Recruitment & Selection


  • Recruitment and selection process guidance

  • Develop job descriptions and person specifications

  • Create and process application forms

  • Help with the shortlisting process through sifting

  • Support with the interview and assessment process


Redundancy, Restructures and TUPE

  • ‘Hands on’ support during the entire process

  • Advice on the selection criteria and selection pools

  • Support with the collective or individual consultation meetings

  • Development of job descriptions and person specs for any new roles

  • Drafting staff communications

  • Drafting manager guidance

  • Provide training for employee representative



Establishing the facts of an allegation is a key part of any formal process. We can carry out a thorough investigation into a formal grievance that an employee may have raised, perhaps such as a bullying and harassment allegation or discrimination. This would involve interviewing witnesses and considering all the evidence before producing an investigation report which may then be used in the next step in the grievance or disciplinary process.


Disciplinary or grievance meetings

Knowing how to handle disciplinary allegations and/or an employee’s grievance fairly and reasonably is no easy task so our HR consultants support employers by attending those formal meetings either to conduct the meeting or to ensure the meeting runs smoothly by providing support to the hearing manager.
A well-conducted process using Bell Taylor HR Support will allow those participating in the process to believe that they have been given a fair hearing by someone independent of the organisation which, in turn, can reduce the risk of subsequent Employment Tribunal proceedings being brought.


Dispute resolution / Mediation

We are experienced in mediation and supporting businesses with alternative ways to resolve work place conflicts either with individuals or groups. This can enable employees to work through their difficulties avoiding more formal steps in a disciplinary or grievance process.


Occupational Health

We offer clients a wide range of occupational health services through our partner, My Occ Health, including:

  • Occupational Health Assessments (face to face or by Skype)

  • Employment medicals

  • Risk Assessments

  • Driver medicals


Performance Coaching & Training

We can provide tailored coaching sessions and training for your management teams or individual employees who may need support including:


  • Leadership and development 

  • Leadership and development 

  • Personal development 

  • Team development

  • Mental health and resilience

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